Vintage Nostalgia

Vintage Nostalgia
03/06/2015 Amelie A
Nostalgia Vintage Fair - Ad Astra Luxury Lifestyle Magazine UK

Vintage Nostalgia Show 2015 – Stockton

Vintage Nostalgia Show - Lifestyle Magazine
The Vintage Nostalgia Show was a first this year for Lifestyle Magazine’s new experience seekers. Our duo of editor and photographer got up for a worthy two hours drive from our lovely city of Chichester, in direction to “The Vintage Nostalgia Show 2015” in the beautiful Wylye valley nearby Stockton in mid-Wiltshire.

Following the direction of our satnav, we arrived at an unexpected place in the middle of the country side, surrounded by farms and cows. “What a farm smell” we thought at first. Reluctant but determined to experience the show we presented ourselves to the lovely hostesses who gave us our vintage bracelets and showed us the direction to the show.Vintage Nostalgia Show - Lifestyle Magazine
To our grand surprise, the field was converted into a very pleasant exhibition. Vintage cars, truck and van were aligned one with another accompanied by the passionate owners, there to tell about their exciting adventures. Old MG, Panther, Bentley, Chevrolet, Rolls Royce, these old prestige cars were extremely well taken care of, and the owners were proudly displaying their collections; inviting visitors into their world. The owners took great pleasure in driving these beauties and we could hear the pride in their voices over the joy of owning a vintage car.

It was very enjoyable walking around the show, listening to vintage music and discovering the heritage from the war. Everywhere you looked there was a little piece of history; even in the sky vintage planes were demonstrating their aerobic skills.

 Men were wearing old army uniforms, fascinated by the fire arms, which the old field gun’s powerful firing noise resonated in the field several times.

The ladies were enjoying the vintage/retro shopping among a good selection of stalls; high-waisted trousers, ‘wonky wedges’ dress, pre loved leather jackets and much more. Some of our favourite stalls were the woodturner Sandra Atkins, Frilly Chantilly, and much more specialised vintage designers.Vintage Nostalgia Show - Lifestyle Magazine

Whilst the adults were enjoying being taken back in time, we joined the magical world of childhood with the guest artist show. Standing among the children admiring the magician janglers, we stayed watching the impressive circus show.  Carefully placing chairs on top of another, applaused and encouraged by the crowed, the artist treated us to thrilling knife juggling on top of the chair castle he had built.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The show provided all the entertainment for a family day out, and there was also a good selection of mobile catering vintage vans, offering a wide range of snacks. Wood-fired pizzas, venison burgers, pulled pork, pies, salad it was all there if you wanted it.  Plus a few stalls selling vintage pudding, retro sweets and tasty old fashion hand-made fudges! We loved the rhubarb and custard!Vintage nostalgia show by Lifestyle Magazine



The Fashion Show

Vintage Nostalgia show - by Lifestyle MagazineOur first stop was the Vintage fashion show. In a fairly wide marquee, which had been converted into a catwalk for the fashion show, the volunteer models were proudly showing off the vintage designers collection.

All of the audience was very supportive, fashion lovers and fascinated little girls were admiringly watching the models performing on the catwalk.

Vintage Nostalgia Fashion show - Lifestyle MagazineAll the ladies were prepared on stage with vintage make-up, all hair-done in a 50’s inspired style, enhancing beauty and feminism. For the ladies red lip, hair up, colourful dress and for the men, a gentleman style with colourful trousers and jumper representing the romance of this loving era. During the final presentation, the gentlemen seduced the ladies in the audience with ruby roses.

Vintage Nostalgia Show - Lifestyle MagazineThe fashion show was followed by dance classes in which all levels were welcome, a bit of fun for some and a profession for others; everyone was trying to get ready to give their best dance performance for the evening entertainment. This year the show welcomed diverse artist, with one definitely standing out “My favourite things” a London trio of charming ladies singing and dancing on catching vintage melodies reproducing the ambiance of the 40’s.

Besame Cosmetic, Sponsoring the Show: 

Bésame Cosmetic at Vintage Nostalgia Show by Lifestyle MagazineWe didn’t take the advice to book in advance and so to our great disappointment we were not able to get our hair or make-up done professionally. However, we visited the salon in which the lovely ladies most certainly enjoyed being looked after by the vintage aesthetic professional Bésame. Elegance, class and beauty combined into classic luxury makeup from the 1920s, ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, Besame transformed the ladies into divas and pin-ups of the bygone era. Bouncing curls, extra volume with floral bandanas, extended eyelashes and red lips, the vintage look is definitely a timeless fashion trend!

Bésame cosmetic is also doing the make-up for Goodwood revival, where we will definitely not forget to book an appointment!Vintage Nostalgia Show - Lifestyle Magazine

We met some returning fans of the show who have been attending it since the beginning. “This is the third year I have come here and it has grown so much since the first one.” The lady explained how the show has slightly changed since the first show which according to our lady was much more focused on the 30’ 40 period rather than the 50’s pin-up it was this year.



Our opinion:

We enjoyed our first visit to the Vintage Nostalgia Show in Stockton and would recommend it as a great escape from reality for a family weekend out!  It was a very pleasant day and we will be returning next year, with this time a pre booked appointment to the Besame hair and make-up salon!

Don’t forget to book your appointment with Besame cosmetic for Goodwood Revival 

Photo taken by Maria Budny.