Mario Uboldi Exclusive Art-inspired Jewellery Collection

Mario Uboldi Exclusive Art-inspired Jewellery Collection
31/05/2015 Amelie A

Treasure From Dubai – Luxury Art-Inspired Jewellery Collection

On the road to exploring the multiple treasures of Dubai, Lifestyle is proud to feature the exquisite Mario UBOLDI jewellery collection, designed by Swiss designer Andre C. Meyerhans.

These unique pieces caught our eye, as they sit on the border between art and jewellery. We were seduced by the asymmetrical fine gold contemporary shapes. The hand-crafted precious metals resembling coral are finished with carefully selected precious gemstones.

The jeweller’s tagline: “Creativity is seeing ordinary things differently” definitely honours his exclusive and exquisite artwork creations.

These pieces are more than gorgeous; the solid characteristic of the precious metal and the orthogonal layout are moulded in such a way that each artwork adopts the vivid appearance of silk when worn.

Meyerhans, who has worked in the past on numerous architecture projects revealed his objective of developing a contemporary design language for the Middle East region across the jewellery collection.


His background contributes to the unusual geometric shapes of each of his creations, notably from his involvement in developing the brand architecture of well-known luxury designers such as Cartier, Hugo Boss, Alfred Dunhill and Christian La Croix.

Influenced by a world of asymmetry, randomness, noise, periodic principles, animated structures and deformation, each piece in the collection is lent a sense of uniqueness. The wearable artworks are available as limited editions, with every item numbered, registered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


Mario Uboldi’ jewellery collection is a luxury to own and will soon be available to buy on their website offering world-wide shipping. We only wish they were readily available in the UK.