The Bespoke Shoes of Men’s Dreams

The Bespoke Shoes of Men’s Dreams
11/06/2015 Amelie A
Monge - Ad Astra Luxury Lifestyle Magazine UK

Monge Shoe Collection

The new season brings new styles for men mixing craftsmanship and design, thanks to the old shoemaking tradition and the best materials.

Lifestyle presents treasures from the Spanish Island of Mallorca, in the form of the very unique and bespoke shoe maker ‘Monge’, whose superb collection sits in between tradition and contemporary new design.


Monge Shoe - Lifestyle MagazineMonge was launched in 2012 and inspired by the long and traditional Majorcan history of shoe making.  The founder Pedro Monge explains, “Monge is a combination of classic shoemaking with a renovated air and all the good quality of the local leatherwork heritage”.   Pedro understood the importance of the real art of handcrafted-shoes to enhance one’s personality and as the result of his experience in the fashion world and shoemaking, Pedro decided to create the exciting brand offering exclusive products using traditional manufacturing methods and equipment in the old Majorcan workshops, where shoemaking has been a way of living since the middle ages. And we love it!



Monge Shoe - Lifestyle MagazineAll MONGE shoes are made in the Spanish island of Mallorca, where a small number of families are still living by their traditional ancestry ways of manufacture, maintaining the old fashioned lifestyle and way of working such as their former generations have done so for many years.

Pedro Monge, whose previous career within fashion magazines and traditional shoemakers, launched the fashion shoe line in 2012. His former career experience inspired him to recreate the Mallorcan shoe craftsmanship tradition with an original twist, giving an experience and product to the client unique and impossible to recreate using any other technique.

The Spanish workshops made Pedro’s dream come true and he created an incomparable product, using the best quality leathers and leather sole whilst following traditional manufacture processes, he created a new design and offering for the ‘style conscious’ gentleman.


Monge Shoe - Lifestyle MagazinePedro is inspired by the Mallorcan streets, architecture, flea markets and from other men around him; those who are living for the moment, enjoying their work as well as their free time and who recognise the importance of taking good care of their look without being obsessed or following trends.

The new summer 2015 season reflects the identity of the brand, classic models with renewed lines that stylishly combine colours and materials. Bright yellow suede, luxury suede and the softest calf leather are some of the options for this spring-summer.

Antonio, Fernando, Ernesto, Scott or Paolo are the names of each pair in the original collection, all timeless models that are very special and unique, highlighting the wearer’s personality. Monge is not obsessed with trends or sales, the brands motivation is to conceive designs that suit and represent expressive footwear for its clients.

Monge Shoe - Lifestyle MagazineConceived to answer the modern requirement of self-conscious metropolitan men, Monge’s shoe collection combines the quality of traditional hand-made shoes with timeless designs. The result gives unique shoes tailored to the very specific need of the lucky wearer.


After three years, the Majorcan brand is on its way to gaining a place among the world’s highest traditional shoe-makers, with the first collection MONGE confirming itself as a solid alternative in men’s high-end footwear.

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