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Who we are?

Lifestyle Magazine is dedicated to introducing introducing niche, high-end brands, which reflect quality, style and exceptional craft. We do this through a range of editorial topics that cover prestige cars, private jets, yachts, fashion, interior design, events and destinations.

What we do for our readers?

We provide our busy business readers a break, a moment of relaxation to immerse themselves in a chic world. This way they think about their future holiday, their future purchase or experience, so they get back to work with something to look forward to.

We provide our loyal readers with novelty, interesting editorial and fresh high quality brands to discover in every edition. Our distinguished readers enjoy the pleasure of luxury and the all experience behind it, through our editorial we give them a taste of the experience and tell them how they can live it for themselves.

What do we do for our advertisers?

We strive to offer to our advertisers the best service and therefore exclusive opportunities to reach their targeted audience through our wealthy readership. Our readership consists of subscribers and discerning consumers from around the world. The primary distribution is through exclusive placements in private aircraft and VIP airport lounges, including British Airways and Emirates Airlines, as well as distribution to a digital database. Further distribution networks include high-end London venues comprising five-star hotels, Harley Street clinics and private clubs.

Our mission is to provide each of our advertisers effective exposure, therefore we select a limited number of brands to promote to our discerning readership in each edition.  As opposed to most luxury and commercial magazines, we only dedicate 25% of pages to advertising in each edition. Our research showed that readers skip advertising pages when a magazine is too crowded with adverts, this way, each page of advertising in Lifestyle is put in the spotlight for  maximum impact.

What are the benefits to your brand?

  • You expose your brand to over 200’000 A* on both print and digital platforms
  • We listen to your needs and capabilities and tailor an offer that corresponds to your brand.
  • We position your ads besides relevant editorial content to ensure a coherent message, this way, your ad reaches a reader that is more likely be interested in your product.
  • Your brand gets associated with our luxury feel and therefore gives leverage to your brand profile.

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