Discover Duffler

Discover Duffler
07/10/2015 Demelza Craven

It is in every bolder fleeing scene of Indiana Jones, in the scent of citronella insect repellent, and in the sound of an aeroplane take off. It is in the taste of that foreign food when you can’t read the menu, in the pouring rain when your satnav dies and in the surge of white water rapids. We are talking, of course, about adventure. Because adventure is a personal term. It means something a little bit different to each person who encounters it. For some it is parachuting down Niagara Falls, for others its taking the wrong bus and ending up in Swaffham, but neither one is less important or exciting than the other. Regardless of where your adventures take you, there is one essential to always take on your escapades… and THAT is appropriate luggage! It’s not what you pack but what you pack into that makes all the difference! And here at Lifestyle Magazine we reckon that we have found just the thing!

Introducing… Duffler! The Swedish brand of bag manufacturer with your adventures kept in mind. At Duffler they equate the stories of your travels with the bag you carry, both will accompany you throughout your life, so why not carry a bag as bold as your exploits? This world is so full of experiences just waiting for us to go after them. And for every adventure we accomplish we get a new little story to hold on to. But we are also living in an era where more and more things become perishable and where time is rushing by. How do we manage to keep track of all our stories and memories that we spread among images, videos or social media? And how could we pass on all these stories that we are a part of?’ –this is Dufflers philosophy, and in its attempts to encourage modern day escapades it offers the ultimate in swashbuckling luggage solutions!

The bags come equipped with some genius functions. At Duffler they understand the importance of modern day traveling with the world of technology and so have come up with fantastic concepts that link the two. For smartphones there is the Duffler Digital World app where you store notes, images and memories of achievements you have made on your online private travel journal. The joy of this is that it can be linked to social media networks and update you with news on your location, weather forecast and other such travel essentials. But more than this, you can hide what Duffler call a ‘beacon’ in your bag allowing you to get an invisible connection between the bag and the app in your smartphone. That means that when you have your bag with you, you will get automatic updates in your journal with information about your location, outside temperature and movements. It can even act as an alarm system! All of this means that a Duffler bag is more than just a place to store your clothes, but quite literally a place to store your memories!

Whatever your undertaking may be, there is no quest too big and no exploit to small that would not benefit from the inspirational opportunities that a Duffler bag extends. For some people walking to the train station is an undertaking for others canoeing down the Nile is just a walk in the park. But if you choose to pack up your old kit bag make sure it’s a Duffler and you can rest assured that you really will be ready for anything.

Lifestyle is all about the journey and Duffler certainly travels around. To see their collection click here