001 London Skin Care

001 London Skin Care
09/10/2015 Demelza Craven

We’ve all felt the strain of contemporary life. Finding that we’ve forgotten to eat that five- a- day or have sat for hours on end gazing into the blear of our laptop. Whatever we come up against it is our skin on the front line. The unfortunate thing about skin is that when it’s exposed to too much the signs are right there in front of us, staring back from the mirror… Whether is spots or wrinkles, freckles or puffy eyes, it often feels like it would take a magician to restore its vitality. As close to the real thing is Ada Ooi, an aromatherapist and beauty therapist who has put in all the hard work for your skin care regime, so that you don’t have too! Asia has long been famed for its medicinal and healing cultural expertise. The mystique of the orient an ever appealing and magical notion. British explorers were famous for returning from these exotic lands with mystical lotions and potions. Imagine then, how excited they would be if they had had the luxury of having such magic formulas right on their door steps! 001 London Skin Care is a luxury British brand created by Ada Ooi. Designed to “return skin to a state of natural equilibrium”. Ada uses modern bio-chemistry alongside traditional apothecary principles from Asia to produce ancient formulas for modern problems.

Lifestyle Magazine was particularly intrigued by the Eyecicle. This is a Temperature- Conditioning beauty device designed to be chilled and used around the eyes to improve ageing and damaged skin conditions. The object itself is a thing of beauty made of bespoke glass ensuring that the spherical end that makes contact with the skin is seamless and thus wonderfully effective. Just thinking about it you can almost feel the smooth cooling sensation as it rolls effortlessly over the skin. It is the ultimate ‘me-time’ product.


Ada Ooi’s website allows one to shop by skin concern. From acne to pigmentation problems with this skin collection you are sure to be covered. One of their most inventive packages are her ‘Explorer Kits’… “Each beautiful set features 001 Skincare’s best-selling and award-winning multitaskers expertly blended to regenerate cells, hydrate and boost radiance – the basics that every type of skin deserves. Get initiated into a complete 001 Skincare ritual’. Addiction is a word often associated with bad things but Lifestyle Magazine can’t help but feel that an addiction to skin care might be just be a healthy one and who wouldn’t want to try these miracle concoctions for themselves?

With such a successful skincare range it unsurprising that if you would like the services of Ada Ooi personally then you will have to pay Fortnum and Mason a visit. She is renowned for her facials, which were raved about by Country and Town House Magazine when they wrote ‘Put yourself in the expert hands of facialist Ada Ooi. Her hands literally dance all over your face, lifting, contouring and smoothing. This is a great skin treatment to start a detox. You will leave glowing’.


There are few things more intoxicating than a facial, the gentle rhythms, the lifting, the smoothing… all coming together to leave you fresh faced and revitalized. Ada Ooi leaves the ultimate skin care legacy in offering both this service and the most top of the range products for you to invent your very own. After all the word indulgence is just a beautiful as your skin will look!