Murdock London

Murdock London
23/09/2015 Demelza Craven

Male beauty can be a place of trepidation for the ‘non- metrosexual’ male. A place of overpowering aftershaves and the nip of the razor. One must be sensitive to these insecurities. One must lure him into a sense of sanctuary. For when the itchy hair down the back of the neck is transformed into a complimentary shoe shine, single malt whiskey in hand, you know that the magic formula has been cracked. The previously pride –less, week old stubbled, scuff booted man discovers that a ‘luxury full service’ will see him turn heads as he crosses the road. For whose head wouldn’t turn as the scent of Patchouli wafts past them? Or as they see their own reflection in the gleam of his brogues?



Murdock London is on a mission. A mission to transform the all- too- often slovenly male into a modern day Adonis. It seems that contemporary society has forgotten that there is a rich history of men ‘making an effort’ that has somehow fallen by the wayside in recent years. Before Murdock London arrived on the scene it was as though the concept of the ‘Victorian barber’ had been long since disregarded. But with the rise of their single shop multiplying into stores all over London, it seems that Murdock London is about to change all that! The company explains how they wanted to create ‘a stylish and welcoming haven for a modern gentleman to take the time to relax, have a beer or whisky and build a relationship with his barber.’


Murdock London opened their first shop in Shoreditch in 2006. Wanting to ‘re-imagine the masculine luxury of the capital’s Victorian male grooming establishments.’ This one shop has since multiplied, extending its tendrils to Soho, Liberty London, Covent Garden, Hackett Spitalfields and Sloane Street… to name but a few. They produce a top line of luxurious male beauty products, such as shampoos and conditioners, hair pomade, combs, moisturizers, anti-aging serum, colognes, candles and horn beard brushes. The range of beauty regimes available are expansive, from a simple ‘quick tidy up’ to ‘full beard shaping with hot towel’ there is even the opportunity to undergo a ‘how to shave shaving tutorial’. Meaning that there is no more excuses for shoddy personal grooming!

Murdock London is ‘an environment for men wanting to release their dapper potential that is less sterile than a unisex salon but still uses highly skilled stylists to deliver the finest and latest haircuts.’ So head off to London. Recline into the leather of that expansive barber’s chair. Immerse yourself in the sumptuous towels and warmth of steamy water. Let the head barber shave your worries away. And return home a cleaner man, a tidier man, a shinier man… a new man.