Only Watch 2015

Only Watch 2015
13/11/2015 Demelza Craven

One of the founding fathers of modern America, Benjamin Franklin, once said some very wise words that have come to be revered in history, he is quoted as having said ‘lost time is never found again’. His words could not be more apt, and go someway to explaining why an auction of clocks should be so very apt when raising money for a noble cause. The beauty of the wrist watch can be found not only in its bespoke design, but also in that which it represents. Its very function is to keep you in the right place at the right time, to tell when its time to eat, sleep, wake up… More than these things it is a constant reminder that the hands always chop away the time in one direction, it is always lost and never gained. As an item it is the embodiment of the phrase ‘no time to waste’ and as such helps remind one that when it comes to vital research time is of the essence. It is this concept the charity watch auction Only Watch pioneers, raising staggering sums every year for the benefit of Muscular Dystrophy a degenerative muscular condition. Lifestyle Magazine brings you the latest on the ultimate luxury charity event of the year, straight from Geneva 2015!

The jewel in the crown of the Only Watch luxury watch auction this year was undeniably Piaget. This purveyor of opulent time pieces fashioned a particularly sleek design, combining an ebony and monochrome face with striking red hands. Technically the item is a work of art, featuring 145 hand made parts some of which are thinner than a hairs breadth, making it record breaking in slenderness. The time piece was estimated at £40,000 but was instead snapped up for a jaw dropping £70,000! CEO Philippe Leopold -Metzger explained to Lifestyle ‘The Altiplano 900P powerfully expresses the creativity and innovation that has defined Piaget since 1874. We have created a watch that is truly unique in terms of aesthetics and design, for which we have once again pushed our own limits.’ Thus making it of no surprise to anyone that Piaget raised its wrist above the parapet just a little bit higher than anyone else.

44 watches of the most extravagant kind went under the hammer in the hallowed halls of Phillips in associations with Bacs and Russo. Each piece is uniquely crafted using only the most tailored and sumptuous materials and techniques. Every item is of a one of a kind rarity and brought to you by only the most distinguished and respected brands. Starring the likes of Boucheron, Chanel, Chopard, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Patek Philippe and Van Cleef & Arpels, to name but a few. It is of no surprise that the event attracts the most illustrious peoples from around the world to secure themselves the inaugural designs whilst supporting a worthy cause. A cause that is no less than a staggering £11,268,000 better off thanks to the astounding effort made by the events team and horologists alike.

It is a rare thing indeed to see an events do so much good for so many. Those talented horologists are given a world stage for their bespoke designs, the worlds rich and famous are given the opportunity to invest their finances in world class watch making, while the colossal funds raised go to helping give time to those who need it most. This year was the best year ever for the Only Watch event whose proceeds fund the Monaco Association against Muscular Dystrophy. Lifestyle Magazine strongly urges you to check out the beautiful watches on the Only Watch website and in particular take a moment to admire Piaget’s record breaking work. For sartorial style and substance both there really is only one place from which to acquire your next time piece.

Want to catch more of Piaget’s breath taking work!?

Check out the Gems of Time exhibition, showing from Thursday 12th November – Saturday 14th November on the ground floor of the Saatchi Gallery, London


Find the pieces displayed exclusively in their Harrods show room until the 27th November