A Cup Made in Heaven: Deviehl meets Ross Kopi

A Cup Made in Heaven: Deviehl meets Ross Kopi
18/11/2015 Demelza Craven

You’d be surprised by how often a mental breakdown is confused with just the need to sit down and have a good cup of coffee! People often consider wine to be the ultimate ‘toff’s tipple’ but they are forgetting the complexities and craftsmanship required to create a superior coffee blend, it can be a process every bit as bespoke as that practised in the vineyards, only the end product is guaranteed to give you that motivation that you just can’t quite muster on your own… and is socially acceptable at any time in the morning! But with mass produced, two-a-penny chain stores popping up on every high street from Covent Garden to Timbuktu, where does a coffee connoisseur turn to find the most blissful blend? Well fear not drink devotees, there is a new temple of the tipple for you to worship at, a venerable alliance awaits your adulation… Lifestyle Magazine spills the beans on the coffee collaboration of the year!

De Viehl:

When it comes to coffee the chances are that your first thought does not regard the cup it comes in. The days of bone china are gone and we are all so used to being served out of throw-away plastic and polystyrene that the art of drinking properly has all but vanished. Yet we would be astonished to see a fine champagne sipped out of a mug, so why do we forget how much a container effects the experience of a drink when the snifter is no longer alcoholic? At De Viehl they have revolutionised the experience of enjoying your coffee by investing the time and resources that it deserves into creating the ultimate coffee drinking experience – and it’s all in the cup! Using the precision and engineering that are usually the skill set of a luxury horologist, founders Andreas Bös and Jonathan Strauss have used their unrivalled craftsmanship to build the most sublime coffee cup experience. Made of sustainable and luxury materials (leather, marble, carbon fibre or wood) the duo have made a science of cup creation, using Nano technology and unrivalled precision to create a container that is not only sublime to drink from, but is also outstandingly visually aesthetic. With this design the drink stays warmer for longer, enhances both the aroma and the flavour, while effortlessly sitting in the hand to optimum effect. **BUT BE WARNED** Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never want to drink from plastic again!


Ross Kopi:

With coffee so widely available in day to day life it can be easy to forget the drinks exotic routes. Gone are the day of oriental travel and treks deep into heart of a sprawling rainforest to find beans worth their weight in gold… or so we thought… At Ross Kopi the coffee bean has upheld its mystique and aura of rarity as it is a revered and arduous process to create the most luxurious end product. Temperature, altitude, flora, fauna and topography all combine to form the ‘terroir’ of the coffee, and if these delicate combinations do not come together on a particular year the end product is not made. Ross Kopi refuses to put its name to a product that is not in its prime. They are also defining the standard for the industry in terms of sustainability and animal welfare, pioneering the way for greener farming. The method of bean production is what makes it so sought after and acquired, as before harvesting the bean, it is first of all digested by the luwak cat – a native animal to the area that selects only the finest fruit and truffles which lends the coffee its unique and subtle essence. Ross Kopi explains ‘Enzymes produced by the Civet subtly change protein components within the coffee, alleviating its more bitter tones and leaving instead those delicate and distinctive rich, smooth, sweet notes.’ rendering it the most extravagant coffee available on the market today!


The love child of these two colossus’ of the luxury coffee market is a limited edition set combining a De Viehl cocobolo espresso mug with Ross Kopi’s Sumatran wild Luwak coffee. Both Ross Kopi and De Viehl hold the same sensibilities at their heart. They are both dedicated to sustainability whilst simultaneously striving to provide a luxury service. To bring both these elements together in a company and execute it with such finesse is a rare and exciting thing, so combining the two is all the more thrilling. It seems hard to imagine that nobody put the two together sooner and here at Lifestyle Magazine we are chuffed that they have! To get your hands on this exclusive limited time only product you must visit either Harrods London or Amara.com, the time is running out and we can’t promise that the coffee crop will even be available next year if the conditions are not right, so hurry before the collection is imbibed!