Noel Asmar Equestrian

Noel Asmar Equestrian
18/09/2015 Demelza Craven

Why do you think people should pick Noel Asmar’s equestrian range over all of the other available brands?

Five reasons: quality, fit, style, innovation and a fabulous colour collection. The All Weather Rider™ coat won the Most Innovative Rider Clothing of the Year 2011, as awarded by the British Equestrian Trade Association. Judged to be an “elegant, multifunctional garment, well tailored to allow plenty of movement and flexibility”

It is the continual dilemma of the horsewoman. The desire to soar over poles looking tailored and chic, whilst simultaneously needing comfort and flexibility. When you’re riding a 700kg animal travelling at 30mph the last thing you want to be worrying over is your outfit. But the eternal problem is discovering a brand that can offer both…Well, fear not because Lifestyle Magazine has done the research for you! The practical equestrian need look no further than the collections of Noel Asmar to discover the ultimate in practical equine style. Asmar has pioneered a hands on approach to sartorial design offering riders a chic look without a cost to the garments practicality.


The birth of Noel Asmar Equestrian was not a premeditated one but rather a natural solution to Asmar’s own dilemma. She explains ‘I was on the lookout for a good coat that would keep me and my saddle dry – we live in British Columbia, Canada and get our fair share of rain. I couldn’t seem to find much more than heavy oil skinned, long unflattering coats. The experience pushed me to design pieces for myself that weren’t on the market in the tack stores.’ What is so enticing about Asmar’s collections is the fact that they are designed with practicality at the forefront of the teams mind. If it’s not workable as a practical design then it isn’t manufactured.

The success of Asmar’s search for the ultimate horse rider’s wardrobe has been remarkable. She names among her fashion inspirations ‘Hermes, Elie Saab, Max Azria. – classic, modern & elegant.’ It isn’t just durability and flexibility that interests her! The designs themselves center on style. This season’s Whistler Sweater is made of a luxurious mixture of merino wool and cashmere. In an elegant black. The turtle neck is loose while the body is fitted. The garment has beautiful leather detailing and we can’t wait to run up the horsebox ramp in it!

Autumn and winter can be a taxing time for the dedicated equestrian. The combination of horses spooking at the wind in the trees, mud that swallows your wellingtons whole and mucking out in the rain is enough to put one off entirely. But while we can’t guarantee that you won’t still have to hoist a heavy hay net in the chill of bleak mid-winter, we can guarantee that Noel Asmar Equestrian can be right there with you. Keeping you warm in the rain and stylish even when your hair has gone frizzy!