An Exercise in Exclusivity

An Exercise in Exclusivity
19/06/2015 Demelza Craven
Foglizzo - Ad Astra Luxury Lifestyle Magazine UK

Foglizzo Leather Line

Luxury is anything that feels special’ Aerin Lauder (business woman and granddaughter to Estee Lauder) once stated, and special is exactly what Foglizzo’s new product line is. Since 1921, Foglizzo’s reputation has proceeded the brand. Pioneers of bespoke Italian leather luxury goods, Foglizzo’s unparalleled experience in the restoration of antique cars has been channelled into everything, from aviation and yachting to motoring and residential applications.


It is this passion for bespoke quality products that has inspired Foglizzo to launch their new range: Foglizzo Luxury Goods.

In keeping with the brand’s enthusiasm for travel-tailored design, the company is now using the finest Italian leather to create everything a traveller could possibly need as they are bid ‘Bon Voyage’. And they really have thought of everything. From globetrotting essentials such as luggage sets and sport bags to rarer expedition luxuries such as personalised backgammon sets and blanket holders.
Every product is a testament to the company’s sensibilities that run throughout the range. Their travel trolley, for instance, combines a timeless aesthetic using the softest leather and subtle colour options, with many interesting design features. This product is a thing of beauty while also being fabulously functional, featuring noiseless wheels, an extendable chrome handle and perhaps most importantly, a space-efficient interior.

Foglizzo’s desk and stationary collection is notably practical, catering for every potential need. Pen holders, magazine racks, portfolio cases and tissue boxes are all included, and have been formulated with an emphasis on classic understated design. Scrolling through the Foglizzo website is a journey through luxury, addressing every whim and desire.

Foglizzo have thought of everything in their new range. Even an iPad can travel in luxury, with a special clutch-style case that enables the tablet to transit incognito, yet in style. With a sleek envelope design and suede interior, quality, function and form meet.

It is not just the product innovation that is impressive. It is Foglizzo’s dedication to making products personal. Their bespoke service is available throughout the range allowing for infinite variety. The materials, colours and monograms are all integral to the service. In a throw-away world of off-the-shelf commodities, the charm of Foglizzo is that it harks back to a time when products were personal.


With every item created with the highest quality leather, purchasing an item from Foglizzo is an investment in the work of an artisan. These creations are designed for individuals who can appreciate the craft and design that goes into every stitch. With that in mind, an investment into Foglizzo is an investment in so much more than a product. It is an investment into design. An investment into style. But most importantly, it is an investment into yourself!