Embraer Legacy 500

Embraer Legacy 500
17/02/2014 editor

The Embraer Legacy 500 Nears Final Certification And Delivery 

The Highly anticipated Embraer Legacy 500 has undergone its final testing hours and is due to be delivered to the first customers in mid 2014 after its certification. Embraer announced this jet as a concept in 2007 and has spent the last seven years bringing the concept into reality making the Legacy 500 one of the most exciting new arrivals for 2014.

Legacy_500_Midsize_Corporate_Jet-Embraer-legacy-500Costing £11.8 million pounds the Brazilian midsize jet features the latest technology and is the first in its class to use fly by wire controls. This means that the pilot will use an electrical, computer-monitored system to manipulate control surfaces, such as flaps and rudders, rather than manually operating them with hinges and tracks. This makes for a much smoother and efficient journey that is easier for the pilot and more comfortable for the passengers.

Legacy-500-Interior-Highlights-Embraer-legacy-500The cabin in the Embraer Legacy 500 sets new standards of comfort and luxury, with an interior designed in partnership with BMW design works USA. It features the largest cabin volume and the only stand up cabin with flat floor in its class. All this combined makes any journey a serene and relaxing experience.


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