Wraith – Inspired by Fashion

Wraith – Inspired by Fashion
15/05/2015 Amelie A
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Bespoke Car For Exclusive Lifestyle

Exclusive Lifestyle Rolls Royce Wraith If you thought Rolls Royce had reached the top, then prepare yourself as they won’t stop surpassing your expectations! After “Inspired by Film” last month, the brand has inspired itself from the luxurious world of Haute Couture. Last week in New York they presented their “Wraith – Inspired by Fashion” which we consider to be THE bespoke car for an exclusive lifestyle.

Tailored-made suits, custom-made Haute Couture dresses, nothing is better than a personalised item that will fit you perfectly and enhance your style. Rolls Royce has definitely adapted and embraced the contemporary need for a bespoke item with their latest car “Wraith – inspired by Fashion,” perhaps the ultimate bespoke icon.

Exclusive Lifestyle Rolls Royce WraithRolls Royce welcomed the best international talents to their Bespoke Design Studio at the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, South of England. The Brand has been working with the very best and most talented designers to combine the finest materials and stunning colour palette into an extraordinary driving machine; to craft them into the most desirable and exquisite interior designs tailored exactly to the customer’s specifications.

The remarkable craftsmanship and attention-to-detail employed in the creation of any Rolls-Royce is evident in the exquisite application of wood to the dashboard, with the lacquering process for “Wraith – Inspired by Fashion” alone takes nine days to complete.

Exclusive Lifestyle Rolls Royce WraithThe “Wraith- Inspired by Fashion” definitely deserves its name, using extremely complex craft techniques from the world of fine tailoring. The Rolls Royce’s craftspeople in the leather shop mastered and adapted these techniques to several components including the elegant and striking two-tone composition steering wheel.



Exclusive Lifestyle Rolls Royce WraithThe contemporary fashion theme is completed with the integration of welting, a specialist technique most commonly associated with bespoke tailoring. Presented as a colourful silk strip, the welting stylishly frames Wraith’s signature leather door-panel.




Exclusive Lifestyle Rolls Royce WraithThe “Wraith- Inspired by Fashion” provides an opportunity to satisfy one’s appetite for commissioning expressions of taste and exclusive lifestyle. Stunning leather panels, special embroideries and the elegantly integrated clock, like a piece of jewellery with a pearl effect reminiscent of silk fabrics, contribute to the luxurious comfort and extreme driving pleasure.

To mark the occasion of the creation of this timeless Wraith, the motor car took part in a landmark shoot on the production line at the Home of Rolls-Royce in the South of England.  The luxurious materials and distinctive features presented in the motor car were accentuated by fashion models.Exclusive Lifestyle Rolls Royce Wraith


Wraith is by definition the bespoke item for an exclusive lifestyle South England.

You can get a clear idea of what your Rolls Royce “Wraith inspired by Fashion” would look like by using the configuration tool available here.