Cars, Bars and Superstars

Cars, Bars and Superstars
01/07/2015 Demelza Craven
Drinking campagne in GP enclosures, festival of Speed 2015, adastra, lifestyle magazine

Cars, Bars and Superstars: Just another year at the Festival of Speed 2015!

If you couldn’t make it to The Festival of Speed this year, then fear not… Lifestyle Magazine was out with the masses, embracing the full experience, especially for you! The theme was ‘Flat out and Fearless: Racing on the Edge’ and even the sun wasn’t prepared to miss it, making an all week guest appearance. It found the rainbows in the petrol puddles, it dazzled on the silver ladies, but more than anything else it shone over the whole of Goodwood, making it characteristically glorious!

Vintage car, Mazda, central Feature, Goodwood, festival of Speed, Adastra, lifestyle magazine

Vintage Car and Mazda Central Feature, Goodwood, festival of Speed 2015

The much anticipated show exceeded the president it set the year before –as it always does, and turned even the clearest heads, to petrol.


People from all walks of life were there to admire the incredible collection of prestige, formula 1 and classic cars united in a single place for this once a year special occasion. On Thursday the public were invited to experience the track. With every make of car from Ferrari to Mazda taking to the catwalk. Big names came together in creating the ultimate guest experiences to show case their vehicles. Porsche offered visitors the chance to jump in the passenger seat, and feel the great power of a Porsche motor, while drifting! When we asked a guest how the experience was for him ‘Just wow’ was as much as he was able to offer.


Yet speed was not restricted to the automobile. It was also represented by a range of aircraft. Elite Helicopters were offering 15 minutes of birds eye view, to lucky visitors. Giving a unique opportunity to see the entire event as a whole. The experience was both amazing and surprising, to see the sheer scale of what Goodwood has created alongside the breath taking views of the South Downs.

Drinking campagne in GP enclosures, festival of Speed 2015, adastra, lifestyle magazine

Drinking champagne in GP enclosure, Festival of Speed 2015

Hosting world-class drivers, the theme ‘Flat Out and Fearless’ lived up to expectations, with intrepid motorists outdriving their expectations on the track and grabbing the much sought after trophies. The squeal of engines, the fog of exhaust pipes, and the laws of newton defied –all had race goers out of their seats with excitement. Drivers one by one exceeding the performance of their predecessor.


The exhibitors stands were among the most grand that lifestyle has ever experienced. Jaguar, Mercedes, McLaren… the list goes on. Each one rivalling the next with unique experiences to wow visitors.   The central feature, a Goodwood tradition, was built by this year’s sponsor: Mazda. Over 40 meters long, this twisted spiralling creation was at the centre of the day, opposite Goodwood house, and acting as an icon for The Festival of Speed 2015. It was truly not to be missed. Goodwood knows how to treat its guests. And while every need was catered to during the day, the best was yet to come.  With the arrival of evening Goodwood dazzled the crowds. Employing a full spectrum of sensory illumination on Mazda’s central feature, all against the backdrop of extraordinary fireworks and the gasps of onlookers.

Goodwood, Festival of Speed 2015, Delahaye type 165 cabriolet, The cartier Style, Adastra, lifestyle magazine

Delahaye type 165 Cabriolet/ The Cartier Style. At Goodwood festival of Speed 2015

Tag Heuer, a fellow sponsor also contributed to guest satisfaction, offering free Polaroid’s to immortalise the moment for those lucky guests.


With such a complete catering package, Goodwood is not only the place to be for the public but also for businesses wishing to exhibit, for corporations to have a day out, for drivers to display their skill, for children to develop aspirations, and of course for the media to have exciting stories to tell! There is literally no one that Goodwood has forgotten.


But as the saying goes: all good things must come to an end. The dust sheets are back on and the jewels of the Goodwood crown reversed back into their garages. If you’ve not visited Goodwood, then next year will be the time to gather friends and family alike to create unforgettable memories. And of course, if you’ve already visited then we look forward to seeing you next year. As we are quite sure that you’ll be back- and so will we!


Red Arrows, festival of speed, Goodwood House, Adastra, Lifestyle Magazine

Red Arrows, Goodwood House, Festival of Speed 2015