Largest Private Yacht

Largest Private Yacht
20/05/2015 Amelie A
yatch-building Ad Astra Luxury Lifestyle Magazine UK

The longest luxury yacht in the world is currently in build ready for its launch in 2018, under the project name 222 ‘triple deuce’.

The 222 meter long (728.4 feet) Yacht beats the challenge to be larger than the Azzam, currently owned by the President of the United Arab Emirates. In the race to own the Biggest and “Best-ever” created, the owner of this supreme yacht is making his dream to own the world’s largest yacht a reality. Built to such a size that makes it difficult to be “eclipsed”, the ‘Triple Deuce’ will surely remain the biggest yacht ever made for a long time, with a enormous 40 meters difference.

The Superyacht is not only the largest ever created but also the most luxurious, all yachts professionals agrees, “this new record breaking superyacht is set to change the limits of luxury boat building” (SuperYachtNews and 4Yacht) . It features all amenities on board to fulfill an exclusive lifestyle dream and priceless memories; outdoor and indoor pool, numerous hot tubes, spa facilities as well as a full time professional masseuse and hairstylists to prepare the lucky guests for exclusive parties on the seven seas. Whether it will be used as a primary home or an escape to travel in opulent luxuries around the world, the private access helipad and drive in dock means the passengers can leave at speed for business.

Designed to carry only 36 guests in the highest luxury, there will be plenty of space to be enjoyed with a small group of friends or as a sailing escape in extreme privacy. The main concern will change from “will it be spacious enough to fit the champagne?” to “is there enough of the ‘Cocoonase’ an Iris van Herpen’s interpretation of Dom Pérignon’s to fit in the fridges?”

The mysterious owner of the extraordinary yacht will be hosted in the 275 metres-squared suite, which will offer unparalleled views from the private office, dining room and a private gym. Onboard guests will be similarly pampered in four VIP suites of 90 square meters, and 12 guest suites each at over 60 square meters. All rooms are being equipped with the latest technology to compliment the magnificent and spacious interior design, a real all in one yacht to look forward to.

The 222 will certainly exceed its yacht predecessors in terms of luxury services, with a crew of approximatively 90 -100 people, it will host the finest wine connoisseurs and prime chefs in the world to cater for all guests. From sun-bathing on the docks to enjoying all the onboard water facilities there will be exclusive lifestyle activities for all. The world is now waiting to see this first-class beauty on the sea!

Here at Ad Astra Lifestyle we are always delighted when we hear about the launch of a new superyacht.

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