Bina Goenka

Bina Goenka
04/09/2015 Demelza Craven

Bina Goenka Jewellery


In 1922 a discovery was made. The tomb of Tutankhamun was unearthed. It had lain there since 1323 BC. And buried with him? Over 2,000 treasures, chief among them: jewellery. Jewellery has been found alongside man for as long as he has been in existence. Its uses have been as diverse as it is ancient, from talismans to the denotation of power. What is perhaps even more revealing is that it has NEVER lost its popularity. Jewellery speaks to the ancient in all of us. There is something primal about it. An air of the supernatural attached to its beauty. The ancients passed their jewellery on to the gods, but if you’d prefer to pass your jewellery on to somebody just as precious- your family- then Bina Goenka is your lady.



The term ‘heirloom’ is synonymous with jewellery, but we often consider these heirlooms to be a thing of the past, we would like one to be handed down to us, we do not always consider our responsibility to pass one on. There is a saying at Bina Goenka ‘The skill of design belongs to many, but to create is a power known to few. At Bina Goenka, we are accustomed to creating pieces that have, and will continue to make history’ this is a rare self-awareness that is often forgotten by the contemporary jewellery designer: jewellery is historical and will continue to be so. What is new today is old tomorrow. So when choosing to purchase or commission a fine piece you are not just responsible for your own tastes but also the tastes of the future. While this sounds daunting it should be looked upon with greatest excitement –particularly with the ethos of Bina Goenka to guide you through!



Bina is not considered a jeweller. She is considered an artist. She works only in gold and creates her pieces to become an extension and expression of its wearer. Each piece possesses a personality. It tells a narrative. In keeping with the exclusivity of her service, Bina can be contacted by appointment only. Her work is interactive and bespoke. As a brand her creations are described as ‘timeless masterpieces’ and ‘unparalleled designs’. The quality of her work is evident in the international status of her business. Brand Bina Goenka can be found in Europe, the Middle East and India, with the signature store located in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Santacruz, Mumbai, going someway to expressing the sheer demand for this unrivalled service in excellence.



Bina may have 15 years of jewellery design expertise beneath her belt, but she also carries the knowledge of a tradition that spans the ages. Her clientele includes distinguished VIPs and celebrities, from film stars to music industry figures, diplomats to business people… even royalty. Not a dissimilar array to those ancient figures who have been found buried with the treasures of the centuries. There is a distinct element of trust in commissioning anything, let alone such an immortal and lavish creation. But Bina has earned the trust of those most in the know -proving that an investment in Bina Goenka is a secure investment, and an opportunity not to be missed.


‘All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.’ The words of Federico Fellini have never been so apt. Bina Goenka’s art is in every way her autobiography. An autobiography of glittering gem stones, iridescent pearls, and the finest in unique metal work. She can offer you the opportunity to hold against your skin the cold heavy beauty of a piece designed and made especially for you –for you AND those that follow after. We are all making history. What is contemporary today is antique tomorrow. There is no guilt to be found in commissioning art that will provoke a smile for generations to come, just as we have smiled at the creations of the past. In Bina Goenka you have a unique opportunity to immortalise yourself in the most ancient way possible…. And if you love it too much to pass it down? Well, you could always adopt Tutankhamun’s position on the subject!

Bina at Fashion Show