A Rollicking Revival

A Rollicking Revival
11/09/2015 Demelza Craven
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The Goodwood revival. The place where seamed tights rub shoulders with plus fours, where Captain Birdseye can be found alongside Veuve Clicquot, where bunting shudders in the quake of racing car smoke. Perhaps the best way to describe the Goodwood Revival to anyone who has never been is to compare it to a sort of eccentric afterlife. A place where flappers dance with hippies and beehives are quaffed beside victory rolls. The appeal of the Revival is universal. While it is indeed, the vintage lover’s dream, it celebrates that not-so- long- ago nostalgia of yesteryear. There is nobody for whom it is not relevant. A person who is not seduced by this jolliest of jolly days out is a person for whom there is no help. So don your flying leathers or dig- for-victory dungarees and bask with us in the eternal sunshine that is the Goodwood Revival.

The first thing you notice at the Revival is the noise. The Earl of March’s love of motor sport is near legendary in its status, and for those car lovers among our readers –this is the place for you! There are famous races, famous cars and famous racing drivers, but luxury Lifestyle Magazine recommends poking your nose into Bonham’s car auction. Regardless of whether you’re buying or just trying, for cars that you can literally see your face in (we are talking about the likes of Rolls Royce and Bentley here darling!) this is the place to be. Yes, the Bonham’s tent can only be described as automobile erotica. Onlookers coo at that ‘curvaceous body work’ and those ‘impressive gear changes’.



The thing that strikes one most about the Goodwood Revival is the atmosphere. The sheer energy of the place makes people ‘people watching’ the highlight of the day. Putting your feet up at the Veuve Clicquot tent you can watch the flounce of skirts and shining shoes lindy hop. Meanwhile the entire course is scattered with actors: The Vontrap children singing, 50s cleaning ladies gossiping, troops of school children… all there to aid the otherworldly ambiance. You can traverse an entirely invented high-street. Complete with a vintage Tesco’s selling the same products available in their original opening stores. Alongside the likes of mechanics and American style dinners.


The event is an international affair. With European languages floating on the air like the smell of an exquisite perfume, lending a ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the event. There can be an association with ‘vintage’ of bad prints, itchy fabrics and moth eaten fur. But this is not something recognisable at the Goodwood Revival. It is cosmopolitan. People are prepared to fly to the event from across the globe so as not to miss out. This is surely enough to persuade any Britisher to jump in the car!


Lifestyle Magazine is lucky enough to be stationed at the Goodwood Revival for the entire three days! From helter skelters to spitfires there really is something for everyone at this splendiferous day out. So dust off those petticoats and iron a crease in your trousers. It’s time to pour yourself a brew from an actual teapot and lindy hop till you drop! Lord March would be desperately sorry to miss you, and so would we!