Vanessa G

Vanessa G
23/01/2014 editor

Vanessa G launches the new Enchanted Garden Collection 

Lifestyle Magazine Vanessa GLifestyle Magazine looks at the new collection from Vanessa G, ‘The Enchanted Garden’ features the designer’s signature “Art’Outure” that combines the flora and fauna of the natural world with an imaginative surrealist landscape.

Lifestyle Magazine Vanessa G

In a vivid, jewel-tone colour palette of emerald green, burnt orange and deep purple, Vanessa’s designs incorporate three interweaving stories; ‘Flower Fields’, ‘Enchanted Forest’ and ‘Enchanted Garden’. Each story takes inspiration from the iconography of a mysterious, avant-garde landscape, merging symbolic images from the world of art, storytelling and living sculpture that Lifestyle Magazine is captivated by .

Vanessa G’s unLifestyle Magazine Vanessa Gique and striking fashion lines boldy merge the creative traits of art and fashion to create a unique fashion experience. Every garment of Vanessa G clothing endeavours to look like a piece of art, an ultimate statement of luxury that is not only unique in looks but also creates a unique, wearable, character defining fashion statement.

Exquisite clothing from Vanessa G is positioned for members of lifestyle magazine, the upwardly mobile, affluent and well-heeled women of today that may have satiated their appetite for traditional luxury. Tell us which print from The Enchanted Garden collection is your favourite.