The Moorings

The Moorings
28/10/2015 Demelza Craven


The year is 1969. The place is the British Virgin Islands. Somewhere between a sea as clear as the sky, and along the billowing reach of golden sand, Ginny and Charles Carry have an idea… they decide that they are going to become the world’s leading yacht charter company… and they do just exactly that! 40 years on and they are now in possession of an industry so spectacular that they have the largest and most innovative charter fleet on the planet. With over 20 stunning destinations worldwide and an unrivalled reputation, their professional and friendly staff ensure that anyone from the complete novice to the hardened sea dog can achieve maximum pleasure for minimum output. So take your pick of the fleet, throw a dart in the map to decide where to go, and prepare yourself for the holiday adventure that just keeps giving…


Robertson and Caine, Beneteau, Jenneau –do these names ring any bells? Well, they should! They are just a handful of companies that are the very best at what they do in the yachting industry and all three of them work exclusively with The Moorings to provide the 650 active yachts in their fleet are up to your very high standard. The company explains of their vessels: ‘Each yacht carries state-of-the-art equipment and a variety of on-board amenities. Every boat in the fleet is professionally maintained and most have been in service for 3 years or less. Nearly all yachts are retired after 5 years.’ Meaning that worn and out of condition ships are a thing of the past. This bespoke service keeps your piece of mind sacred, they make sure the boat is of top quality, leaving you to do all the important bits, such as the relaxing, the taking it easy, and the doing just exactly what you fancy… you’re welcome!


But of course it’s just not a holiday without a destination to head for. There are plenty on offer but the problem will be deciding which one!? Maybe you’re in the mood for adventure? In which case Lifestyle Magazine would recommend the exotic Far East, where you can meander through the lush of a jungle, the overhanging branches lulling with the rhythmic give and pull of the water, deep in the heart of Thailand. Maybe you’re really searching for culture? Tread where the ageless ancients walked and see the crestfallen ruins still somehow victorious for all of their crumbling antiquity, by setting off for a Mediterranean escape such as Greece, Turkey or Croatia. If neither of these tickle your fancy or you want even more there is the likes of Caribbean, maybe you fancy Tonga? The world is quite literally your oyster and with such impeccable staff you’ll probably be feasting on them too!

There are few things as thrilling as the ocean. From the gentle stretch of azure twinkling beneath a forget-me-not firmament to the tempestuous swell and drag of black water under a stormy sky. It is the ultimate freedom, one of the most independent means of transportation that make the journey every bit as sensational as the destination. But to do so is also to puts one’s self at the will of the elements, which is why the route you travel to travel by is all important! If you want a luxurious yachting holiday with none of the travel trauma pick The Moorings. The world’s number one for a very good reason!