Six Senses Spa in Ko Samui

Six Senses Spa in Ko Samui
21/10/2015 Demelza Craven

Lifestyle Magazine is thinking of a place… A place where you can immerse yourself in relaxation whilst accidently hobnobbing with the global elite… A place with stretches of golden sand as far as the eye can see… a place satiated with world class international cuisine…a place where you can luxuriate in a sea of sparking azure or watch it from the serenity of your infinity pool…we are thinking of a place that can soothe you to a mindful bliss from the comfort of a secreted Buddhist temple… whilst also offering the allure of a full moon beach party with the cool sand beneath your feet and the moonlight cascading through the coconut palms… Have you guessed where we are thinking of yet? Does it sound like it might just be paradise? Well it is and it can be yours at the Six Senses Spa in Ko Samui!

Ko Samui was one of the first of the scenic Thai islands to be grasped by the tourist industry, and there is a very good reason for it… Behind the polished veneer of the luxury resorts that are freckled over the face of the island there remains a beautiful authenticity to the place. With locals selling their wares in secluded streets and the stirring silhouettes of the Buddhist temples you can find yourself in the colourful bazaar of a country still vibrant with culture just waiting to be discovered. Nestled in the gently sloping headland at the northern tip of Samui Island is the Six Senses Samui, a private resort swathed in landscaped vegetation so that the buildings blend seamlessly with the topography. Clandestine in their surroundings stand 66 private villas, most of which boast private pools and staggering panoramas out to the Gulf of Thailand and the neighbouring islands.


Look a little further and you will discover that this shameless self-indulgence comes without a price to others. Six Senses Samui understands the impact that living the luxury lifestyle can have on the environment and as such has put hotel sustainability at the forefront of its consciousness. In 2006 it was benchmarked by Green Globe 21 and continues to strive for luxury not just in the here- and- now but also for future generations. Specifically they achieved best practice results in six categories: water saving, waste recycling, community commitment, community contributions, paper products and pesticide products. All of which should encourage one to support their good practises in perhaps the most opulent endorsement of sustainability on offer. Think of all the good karma!

Bedecked with luxury contemporary interiors, with organic designs in neutral colours, the Six Senses Samui makes time spent indoors as wonderful as the time spent out. With an unrivalled reputation for selling the best food in Ko Samui (no small accolade) all grown from the resorts own gardens, and a spa praised for its ventures in Yoga, Reiki and Pilates, an investment in the Six Senses Samui is an investment into yourself! Drink in one of the world’s most spectacular islands, see the spangled cobalt of the sea, hear the whispered Buddhist chants, smell the fresh coconuts ripening in the dappled heat, simply taste the atmosphere. If you’re looking for a holiday in paradise, it is at the Six Senses Samui that your Arcadian imaginings will come to fruition.