Sustainable Cruise on the Sea Star Journey

Sustainable Cruise on the Sea Star Journey
06/07/2015 Demelza Craven
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There is a reason that the travel company Latin Trails calls its Galapagos Islands yachtSea Star Journey. It is one of the most exclusive yacht in the archipelago, and one of the many premier holiday experiences that Latin trails has to offer. So exclusory it is built for just sixteen privileged passengers to travel in the lap of luxury to one of the most awe-inspiring destinations in the world. But only ever satisfied with the best, this Ecuador and Peru based tour operator, is bringing its Sea Star Journey to dock.

Putting the customer first is at the fore front of Latin Trail’s sensibility. So it comes as no surprise that over its two month overhaul, the emphasis will be on perfection to the very last detail. Most radical of all the changes will be the replacement of the yachts original two motors, updating them with more fuel efficient, smoother navigating and less noisy alternatives. The hull of the boat will be both sandblasted and repainted, with all of the exterior wood work being replaced. They even look forward to a total overhaul of the generators and all mechanical equipment.

But when creating an exquisite product, function is important but image is key. With this in mind, Sea Star Journey’s upholstery will enjoy new fabrics in all of the social areas including cabins, refreshing the interior with a tranquil ambience. Faultless superiority is the aim. With even an exciting new library update with replenished extended collections. This level of refurbishment is thought to result in the vessel being in better condition than when she first set out on her maiden voyage.

Many would think that the innovation was likely to end here –but they would be wrong! Latin Trails is passionate about the service it delivers and as such it will be putting to use this dry dock time to train its staff, with the expectation of setting the standard for the Galapagos cruise. Bakery, bartending, culinary expertise, cabin work and safety procedures will all be put through their paces, ensuring that the customer can fully enjoy a care free experience.

While staff and ship undergo extensive work, there is a more noble cause than simply luxurious travel. The Galapagos Islands are some of the world’s most biodiverse and fragile eco systems. Sea Star Journey understands this and is keen that’s its tourism should create as small an impact on the world’s resources as is possible. Preserving the world and most specifically the islands are central to its refurbishment. A great emphasis will be placed upon stocking local and sustainable products, particularly those that support rainforest communities in Ecuador –all of course still to the high standard expected by the Latin Trails customer.

With the promise of giant tortoises, penguins, sea lions, iguanas, land snails, albatross, snakes, turtles and so many more, almost all indigenous and unique to the islands, a cruise to the Galapagos is an experience like no other. It is hard to imagine just how much this unique experience might be enhanced by arriving in the totally refurbished Sea Star Journey yacht! Many will wait with baited breath for the re-launch of Latin trail’s finest vessel. One that promises first rate people to take you to one of the most first rate places in a first rate boat!