Luxury culture with the V&A museum

Luxury culture with the V&A museum
06/01/2016 Demelza Craven

Which is the greatest historic love story that you can think of? Anthony and Cleopatra? F Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald? Mary and Bysshe Shelley, perhaps? If you were to list the top ten we reckon that Queen Victoria and Prince Albert would come pretty high up the list, so what better place to start the New Year off than with a museum that captures their love and passion for each other in the exquisite display of some of the nation’s greatest treasures?

Here at Ad Astra Magazine we absolutely adore the Victoria and Albert Museum! The museum was founded in 1852 following the inordinate success of the Great Exhibition the previous year. Its aim? To make works of art available to all, to educate working people and to inspire British designers and manufacturers. This is the time of year for resolutions but we can’t help but think that instead of dropping a dress size or drinking less you should maybe consider having a cultural overhaul and join the V&A instead!


Stepping into the V&A is like falling through the looking glass. Cloistered away in the sprawling labyrinth of art deco chic, Victorian splendor and postmodern minimalism is an array of treasures for every sort of seeker. From The National Art Library to the Ceramics Study Room, from the 100,000 drawings housed there, to the furniture displays of over 200 pieces, jewellery, glass, metal work, photography, fashion, sculpture, textiles… the V&A is quite simply the most simultaneously eccentric and sumptuous museum that one could ever conceive of, housing the masterpieces of every trade whilst supporting the industries that inspired them.

The V&A Museum offer a fantabulous members deal with unlimited access to all Victoria and Albert exhibitions as well as exclusive members’ only previews, members only events and the elusive members only room. In addition to these luxurious perks you are also scoring ‘good karma’ points as you can look upon the membership as a donation to the charitable trust that is the V&A. Supporting the work of artists and designers alongside the invaluable restoration and educational deeds pioneered by the museum.

So experience the grandeur and awe of the Grand Tour and make like a Victorian spectator to the V&A Museum. Make your new year’s resolution one of outstanding cultural experience as well as supporting art and design for future generations. It quite literally is the gift that keeps on giving! Marvel at the marble accuracy of the Three Graces, gaze in awe at the glittering Al Thani Collection and ponder the eastern promise of their awesome Asian collection. An investment into the V&A isn’t just an investment into culture, charity and craft but also an investment into yourself… that’s one resolution worth keeping!