A Luxury Garden Party

A Luxury Garden Party
24/08/2015 Demelza Craven

Sconnoisseurs and Armand de Brignac Aficionados

The heady scent of roses, cricket lawns, strawberries and cream, the chink of bone china, the splash of oars hitting water, bunting, boaters and gymkhanas… We are talking of course, about the English summer time! It is upon us, and with it the urge to sip cordial and consume anything containing elderflower. But for it to be a truly splendiferous summer, a summer to which one should like to doff their cap, a summer rich with the cry of ‘Golly Goshingtons! How incredibly spiffing!’ one must of course be invited to –or host- a garden party!

The garden party is a British institution, it is the laid back occasion of the season, informal but charming. While it should feel relaxed it must be so only in the most decadent meaning of the word. Guests do not sit down… they recline, guests do not talk… they converse, but most importantly guests do not eat… they gorge! And so if there is one test for the ultimate garden party, the difference between social triumph or communal humiliation, it is most unequivocally the cuisine!


One can only imagine the delight of a guest at being confronted by a little black box all tied up like a present with a matching bow… ‘What could possibly be in here?’ Comes the cry! What it is, of course, is the host’s salvation! For there are certain companies in existence for whom bringing the je ne sais quoi to an occasion is an art form. And the one of which we speak is that of Sconnoisseur! Sconnoisseur is one of those concepts that no one can believe had been neglected up until now. Taking a simple well-loved product: The scone. And then adorning it with an array of glorious fillings and crowning final touches. Who could fail to be seduced by the Middle Eastern twist of spelt flour, dates and cinnamon? The romance of a rose water infusion? Or the savoury delight of Red Leicester, black pepper and chives? With Sconnoisseur you can have a choice of four to six scones accompanied by a choice of tea pyramid, preserve and optional clotted cream, all presented in a gorgeous little black box. Sconnoisseur is a bespoke company, offering a wide variety of options including that of choosing your own ingredient preferences. That means that you could pick your own tailored garden party scone without any of the hassle of sweating over the baking tray yourself. Guests feel as though they have been given a gift, enjoying that nostalgic anticipation of pulling at the silk of a ribbon to reveal the treasure within. What they don’t consider is that this allows their host to be entirely present and share in the experience rather than agonising about fanning the fire alarm!



Yes, one cannot go far wrong with the lure of a scone. It is a thoroughly English choice and the perfect accompaniment to the hum of conversation and the chink of glass wear… because of course glass wear is just as important, or rather, what sits in it… there are few British rituals in which alcohol does not feature, and your special occasion should be no exception. But why conform to the tried mints leaves and drowning wasps one associates with the seemingly obligatory jug of Pimms and instead introduce something just a little more special.


If one wishes to host a garden party talked about for years to come, then one simply must indulge their guests! Armand de Brignac is a champagne that is as elegant as it is antiquated. With a history dating back to 1763, and devoted following of celebrity and connoisseur clientele it is no ordinary bottle of bubbly. Sparkling, it sits within the voluptuous curves of the classic champagne bottle silhouette. This, however, is where the similarities in appearance end. This champagne demands a bottle fit for its contents – bottle the same colour as its precious fluid… gold. And not just a little bit gold! It is a brazened, metallic, mirror of a bottle. Well, why be retiring when your drinking champagne? This bottle draws full attention to its drinker, because if you’re drinking the finest champagne around, everybody else should know! This bottle can afford to boast. In a blind tasting of over 1000 brands Armand de Brignac Brut Gold came out on top as the world’s no.1 champagne. It is not just a pretty face! And neither will you be when you watch the expression of your invitees as they see their own likeness smiling back at them in the reflection of a bottle of Armand de Brignac!


Being a host is all about generosity. Guests should leave reluctantly, feeling indulged and dulcet. The garden party is a wonderful time honoured tradition. It is the antithesis of the neurotic dinner party filled with the insecurities of drink deportment and elbow etiquette. Instead, it is an open air affair, it should be all sun kissed skies and emerald lawns. The food should be bounteous and the drink overflowing. In that single afternoon one should strive to capture the very essence of summer in all of its champagne quaffing scone nibbling glory. And what better way to achieve it than with the extravagance of Sconnoisseur and Armand de Brignac?

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