Jeanneau 64

Jeanneau 64
11/09/2014 editor
Ad Astra Luxury Lifestyle Magazine UK

Jeanneau’s New Flagship 64 Lifestyle Video 

French Yacht builders Jeanneau have a new flag ship in marinas across Europe, The Jeanneau 64. The French production builder has married the worlds of big-boat design, luxury and comfort with production boat functionality and pricing to create a new market.


What makes the Jeanneau special is that packed within the 64ft hull are technologies and impressive quality materials that make the yacht easy and to sail and very comfortable. Every Jeanneau Yacht is designed to be a sailor’s boat, and the Jeanneau 64 is no exception.  This flagship is secure, fast, and enjoyable to sail.  Philippe Briand has delivered a modern hull that incorporates a hard chine for increased speed, stability, and interior volumeBorn of a close partnership between Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch, the Jeanneau 64 features elegant lines with classic proportions. Meticulous attention to detail, quality and style are the hallmarks of Andrew Winch’s designs.  Every space has been carefully considered for comfortable living. The interior is fully customisable and has many different seating and storage options. With several thousand possible combinations of fabrics, woods, leathers and interior and exterior layouts, the Jeanneau 64 is truly a semi-custom yacht.



Life aboard a yacht is lived in the fresh air.  Careful attention has been paid to the way we spend time on board, with dedicated spaces for relaxation, reading, cooking, dining and sunbathing.  You will find living areas for gathering with family and friends and quiet spaces for communing with natural surroundings. Contemporary deck styling gives the yacht a timeless appeal.


The host of big boat features throughout that provide the real substance behind this yacht. These include a captive winch option for the mainsheet and halyard, a walk-in engine room, and an enormous cockpit that provides the comparative space of a motor cruiser flybridge. This makes the yacht extremely liveable and it is perfect for hosting guests.

The video bellow shows how fantastic life is onboard the Jeanneau 64 and gives a feel for the yacht lifestyle.