James Edition

James Edition
20/11/2015 Demelza Craven

When Coco Chanel said ‘The best things in life are free, the second best are very expensive’ we wonder if she would ever have imagined the lengths to which people were willing to go to have their own slice of ‘second’s. In a market saturated with branded high end luxury it can be hard to find a sense of self and individuality. One size does not fit all! What you long for is a singular source from which to locate those one-offs and limited pieces that mark you out as the exclusive individual that you know you are. Whether it be what you drive, what wear or what you drink, at James Edition they have done all the hard work for you, bringing together a range of up market niches all in one place for you to peruse at your viewing pleasure.

Log onto the James Edition website and you will instantly be met by a staggering level of options. Do you fancy a car today or maybe a jet? Looking into real estate or fancy an ‘experience’? Redecorating? They have a lifestyle section! Need to buy her a quickie birthday gift? Hurry, to the jewellery section! There are literally thousands of options to choose from, so we have a picked out a few of our personal favourites to check out as you explore the inexhaustible options that James Edition has to offer.




If you’re looking for a summer holiday destination then make sure peruse the Villa Laura in Canea Greece. Accommodating 10 people the palatial villa features a panoramic sea view along with a swimming pool, the towering mountainous landscape of Crete and lawns shaded by olive trees. With an interior of white marble and colonial design, nothing could be more transformative than harking back to the era of the grand tour and sunning yourself by the oleanders. TOP TIP: Bring your racket! There’s a tennis court!




With an amazing array of planes to choose from James Edition offers the well-heeled traveller the pick of the skies. Lifestyle recommends the 2007 Gulfstream G450. Currently presiding in London and with the engine enrolled on Rolls Royce Corporate Care it has no history of damage and looks incredibly swanky! With all of the little touches that make travel more bearable: high temp oven, microwave, cd player, dvd player, enhanced sound proofing, and electric window shades to name but a fraction of the available options. Take to the skies and be back in time for tea! TOP TIP: This aircraft is configured for fourteen passengers so make sure you get your friends and family reaching for the stars with you!



Become an adventurer on a whim and sign up for the North Pole Express: Barneo Ice Camp experience. Not for the faint hearted this is a three day expedition with climax of the trip resulting in one night at 89° north at Barneo Ice Camp. With a fully guided tour of the North Pole via helicopter, as a guest you can take in lectures and presentations by the expedition team and resident scientists, and enjoy heated facilities and hearty meals, what’s not to like?! TOP TIP: Don’t forget your camera! This is breath taking scenery and you’ll want to share it when you get home!



We have covered just the tiniest fraction of what the James Edition team have to offer. Everything we have mentioned is a one off and linked straight to its location on the site. When they’re gone they are well and truly gone! Half the excitement is in the thrill of the chase! When things are a one off they are just that little bit more special. And isn’t it about time you tailored the things around you to be as diverse and unique as you are!? Lifestyle Magazine is very excited about the revolutionary effects this site could have on your life. But be careful! If you tell too many people they might snap up the best deals before you do… we won’t tell If you don’t!