James Bond Jaguar

James Bond Jaguar
20/02/2015 Amelie A
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Luxury Car for Villains in New Film – Spectre

Lifestyle is a big fan of the prestigious Bond’s cars… James Bond’s cars!

The latest James Bond movie, expected in cinemas on November 6th 2015, is promising another spectacular combination of gorgeous women, refreshing cocktails and thrilling car chases. Since the first novel-based movie, the 007 agent became THE british icon for owning and driving dream cars; the Sunbeam Alpine in 1962,  Bentley,  the famous Aston Martin DB5 and the convertible Toyota GT 2000, specifically built for the movies Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice. This year, “Spectre” will feature the built-for-bond DB10 Aston Martin celebrating the half a century partnership with the world famous British spy. Smooth, elegant and automotive future-shapping, this beauty will be taken across the Austrian mountains from which locals will hear the reverberation of the sweet powerful sound of the motor.

This year, the Bond’s villains also have the privilege to have their own built-for car, the supreme CX 75 Jaguar, which made its first appearance at the 2010 Paris motor show as an Plug-in Hybrid Electric will now be changed for a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 specially for the film. It has been decided the CX75 will eventually not be available on the market but only for the bond’s enemies, an exclusivity that make us believe the latest communication “its good to be bad” of the group.James Bond Villains' Car

A prestigious car to own as only 5 prototypes of the 200mph C-X75 hybrid were in construction before the production was cancelled in 2012.  Jaguar had previously put a price tag of up to £900,000 for the finalised models. What we are sure of is that the auctioneers will beat the price in a burning fight to have the unique prestige to own this master piece at the bond’s car collection, which already wowed the public during its presentation at Goodwood Festival of Speed back in 2013.

Christoph Waltz, driving the powerful C-X75 Jaguar in the next Bond film, will certainly treasure being the villain by testing this beautiful engine during the thrilling car chase through Rome alongside the Aston Martin BD10. With the C-X75 hitting 100mph from standstill in less than six seconds and a top speed of 220mph, Bond will surely be challenged this year !James Bond Villain car

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