Forget About the Price Tag…

Forget About the Price Tag…
23/10/2015 Demelza Craven

The hunt. There is nothing more primal, or that speaks to our instincts louder, than tracking something down and then possessing it. It might even offer an explanation as to why we are all so obsessed with shopping… But what if the thing you long to possess remains elusively out of your grasp? What if the hunt is only challenging enough if the object is hanging tantalisingly close and yet remains tormentingly unobtainable? Oscar Wilde famously once quipped ‘I am easily satisfied with the best’ and here at Lifestyle Magazine we couldn’t agree more! If you’re after the best but just don’t enjoy the chase unless you’ve managed to grasp it for the most teasing prices… then fear not! We have narrowed down your hunting ground to a handful of the very best luxury product websites, offering optimum products at rock bottom prices…So forget about the price tag… but be warned, when they are gone, they are well and truly gone! On your marks, get set, GO!

High Fashion Society: The High Fashion Society offers an online service quite unlike any other. The website acts as a member’s only club, offering pre-loved designer fashion at affordable prices. The unique selling point of the online boutique is that it works to re-create the actual shopping experience, offering courteous and enthusiastic customer service as well as packaging its goods beautifully, so that buying from High Fashion Society is like receiving a present when it arrives as if by magic at your doorstep.

They Say:High Fashion Society is a revolutionary and beneficial way to keep current with fashion, maintain your wardrobe and take the stress out of being stylish. If you want your wardrobe to become an investment rather then a liability then join the club.

We Say: This is the most sumptuous second hand shop you’re likely to ever come across! They call their items ‘pre-loved’ which suggests that the previous owners no longer love them –we find this hard to believe- trust us when we say your unlikely to want to ever willingly part with these items!!

Vestiaire Collective: The Vestiaire Collective is the leading online marketplace to buy and sell Luxury Pre-Owned Fashion. With the tag line: BUY. SELL. SHARE! They offer a fast paced, upbeat service with a selection of over 300,000 products all up to 70% off the original retail price, with over 1,000 carefully curated products added daily!

They Say: ‘Find that must-have item and purchase on the site in confidence… The item will then be sent to us by the seller to be checked for quality and authenticity… Once the item has passed Quality Control it will be shipped to you… BUY. SELL. SHARE!’

We Say: A fun down to earth website (considering what its selling) that markets itself as the ultimate wardrobe detox and re-stock establishment –Lifestyle Magazine has been totally seduced!!


Vente-Privee: The Vente- Privee website is so wonderfully cheerful that it is easy to forget that everything is going, going, gone! They are the leading innovator of private online sales in Europe, and have more than 20 years’ experience in selling exclusive fashion and lifestyle products online.


They Say: ‘Members enjoy privileged access to all of our exciting, limited-time-only sales. We work closely with over 2,500 brands across the globe and these special relationships mean we can offer heart-fluttering prices. But hurry, once the sale doors close, the products disappear…’

We Say: Why wait for the after Christmas sales when there are fabulous bargains to be found all year round!? But be warned… with such great prices it’s easy to get over zealous and buy more than you bargained for!

The joy of forgetting about the price tag is a sensation like none other. Why pay more when you could have the same thing for so much less? There are positive repercussions with these websites as many of them are essentially up market recycling banks, they stop people throwing away and then wasting that Jimmy Choo bag because suddenly it can find a new happy home with you… although of course these are one off items and these websites offer such an unrivalled service that the competition is fierce, in fact as you read you are probably letting fantastic bargains slip through your fingers, you should probably stop reading… the hunt is on…