Luxuriously fit with Bodyism

Luxuriously fit with Bodyism
07/07/2015 Demelza Craven
Bodyism Lean and Clean - Capri Palace - Lifestyle Magazine

Bodyism, The clean and lean spa machine

Where might one find Tom Hanks taking a dip with Donatella Versace? Or maybe Princess Madeleine of Sweden sipping cocktails with Christiano Ronaldo and Brian May? At the exceptional five star Capri Palace Hotel and Spa you just might! And proud to be joining them this year are Bodyism. Capri Palace will be Bodyism’s second European Clean and Lean residency which will mark a staggering third international opening for the London based Health Company.

Situated on the charming island of Capri, the hotel offers unparalleled views, boasting the panorama of the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Naples. But with the release of Bodyism it won’t just be the views you’ll be able to admire. Focusing on creating ‘long lean, athletic bodies’ Bodyism has seen unrivalled results with supporters that range from post-natal mothers to Lara Stone and David Gandy. Their programme includes a bespoke range of supplements and health drinks with customised nutritional protocols and movement and exercise regimes.

With Capri Palace giving over 2,000 square foot to Bodyism for a gym and wellness area they look sure to make themselves at home at their renowned ‘Beauty Farm’. A range of signature treatments including bespoke personal training sessions, yoga and facial stretching will become permanent fixtures. And it is not just the health and beauty department that Bodyism is claiming for its own. Capri Palaces’ two Michelin star restaurants will be offering dishes from the Clean and Lean range. They’ll even be infiltrating the hotel rooms, with optional Clean and Lean minibars made available to the health conscious.

Getting up early, scheduling a meeting, always on the go traveling around the world for the next venture, it is hard to keep up and you know how important is to look after yourself. As the french saying goes “sane spirit in a sane body” and Bodyism gives you the opportunity to not only become fitter, with their new location the change of environment alone will be replenishing. It will also allow you to sweat your stress for a fresh and clean state of mind. It is not hard to imagine the tranquillity that Capri has to offer. The sparkling sea reflecting and dazzling like the fragments of a mirror. The sky an expanse of calming blue. This paired with luxurious meals to leave you guilt free and brimming with antioxidants and a selection of health and exercise regimes, it’s hard to imagine anywhere else that would promise such a restoration. With a climate the warmth of that hug you so desperately needed, surely it is time to take your hectic life out your hands and place them in the very able ones of Bodyism.

Capri Palace is particularly famed for the inspiration it takes from artists with many of its rooms themed around the likes of Magritte and Warhol. It has the air of wanting to share only the very best with its customers, and so it comes as no surprise that they have welcomed Bodyism with open arms.

Bodyism has enjoyed huge successes since the launch of its Clean and lean residency at D-Hotel Maris on Turkey’s Datca peninsula. Suggesting that Capri Palace should be no exception. With its array of celebrity clientele who can say how many new Bodyisms we may see springing up in the future? Doing their bit for getting the country –and now the world- cleaner, leaner and fitter than ever.