Barbour Land Rover Collection

Barbour Land Rover Collection
17/07/2015 Demelza Craven
Barbour Land Rover Staward Wax Jacket - Coldgate Quilt - Lifestyle Magazine

Casual luxury – Barbour Land Rover announcing a second collaboration!

The Great British countryside. Known for its unpredictable weather. Unpredictable terrain. And above all, unpredictable people! In a place so erratic one can find solitude in those things that, unlike the weather, are consistent. Two such brands that encompass such dependability are Barbour and Land Rover. So comfortably familiar, they are the product equivalent of a soggy Labrador by an open fire. Together they are the ultimate couple. Almost the Wills and Kate of the outdoor lifestyle. So, you’ll be thrilled to hear that they are launching a Spring/Summer 2015 collaboration collection. They think for you, pre-empting the blustery gale or the sudden down pour- so that you don’t have to. The strength of a land rover comes together with the endurance of a Barbour to create the ultimate in durable outdoor style. Be prepared for any situation by simply putting on your jacket.

Both brands pride themselves on shared foundations of ‘capability, design, reliability and style’. And there are surely no more requirements anyone could have of a piece of clothing? The range is a small one, with every garment being an exercise in engineering. Take, for example, the menswear range Burnside jacket. The apparel in question is light and easy to wear. It has been designed precisely for the unpredictable British weather. It is versatile and easily transportable. In a smart navy made up of three layers of waterproof breathable fabric, it features taped seems and waterproof zips. All this but without forgetting the all-important look. With a classic corduroy collar and a lining of Land Rovers exclusive tartan. Function meets fashion.

For the ladies the Redburn trench coat is a must. Again, in a classic navy, the coat combines all of the traditional tailoring one expects from a trench coat but with total functionality. It includes gorgeous quilt detailing and a sumptuous tartan interior. 100% waterproof and breathable it is a highly covetable piece. Not forgetting that it is double breasted and with a waist belt so as to create an enviable silhouette. Like the Burnside it combines technical functionality with flair. Keeping you ready and refined instantaneously.


1st Collaboration in 2014

But this is so much more than just clothing. This is lifestyle. What Land Rover and Barbour both know is that their products travel. These are companies that cater for a clientele that is not content to simply sit pretty. These are garments for the go getter. The life seizer and the boundary pusher. The clothes reflect their wearer. And they work hard so that you don’t have to.


The collection is now on sale on the Land Rover website here.