Airbus EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style

Airbus EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style
24/03/2014 editor

Airbus EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style Helicopter Makes debut at Heli-Expo in California

Airbus EC145 The Airbus EC145 Mercedes-Benz style helicopter stole the show at this years Heli-Expo in California. Only five have been made so far and this was the first time that the special edition EC145 had landed on American soil.

What makes the Airbus EC145 Mercedes-Benz style so special is the helicopter’s luxury interior. Created by the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Division in Como, Italy, incorporates fine leather and wood details, an advanced in-flight entertainment system, subtle ambient lighting, and a choice of modular storage cabinets. The seating can be rearranged to accommodate 4,6 or 8 passengers comfortably.

Airbus EC145 The Airbus EC145 is well suited for executive transportation and family voyages, business and leisure trips. Sliding cabin doors make passenger entry and exit easy. Large windows offer stunning views. Low noise and vibration levels make the ride quiet and comfortable. There’s ample room for passenger’s bags, even golf clubs.


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