A Vision in Vizelle

A Vision in Vizelle
02/12/2015 Demelza Craven

With the onset of winter it’s time to start indulging in all of those Christmas favourites… ice-skating, carol singing, late night Christmas shopping… but if there is one thing to put you off those festive treats its knowing that you have to brave the characteristic Christmas chill. Well fear not! Viselle have a gorgeous collection of second skins to lend a touch of Hollywood glamour to your seasonal happenings. Bedeck yourself in diamonds, throw on one of Viselle’s glamorous fur coats and you’ll have instant Elizabeth Taylor chic this Christmas –your welcome!

There are few looks more decadent than the classic fur coat, and at Christmas time it is a festive fashion must. It is an item so luxurious that you could throw it over a bin bag and you’d still look a million dollars, it is a wardrobe staple, and to pull it off well one is looking for not only a flattering cut but also the quality of hide. We all know that vintage mink that our grandmother used to wear, smelling vaguely of moth balls and musty from years at the back of the wardrobe, it’s time to update that traditional look. With Viselle you can still hark back to all that was good about vintage fur, with the classic sleek rows of chocolate coloured mink, but equally you can throw in a playful pop of contemporary colour and dabble in cuts that your Great Aunt Ethel would never have imagined possible in all her years of shapeless Coney wearing!


Because that is the joy of the modern day fur coat. It couldn’t be more removed from the negativity associated with the ones of old. Vizelle upholds the utmost ethical standards in sourcing fur and only uses superior Origin Assured™ furs from regions such as Scandinavia and North America where the humane treatment of animals is stringently regulated. Furthermore, Vizelle only works with farmed fur and does not procure any fur from wild or threatened species. Meaning that you can enjoy all of the pleasures of a genuine fur coat without the apprehension of supporting a corrupt or cruel trade.


The Vizelle collection for Autumn/Winter 2015 is a sight to behold. Combining a huge selection of styles: Gilet to jacket, cape to coat, with a selection a natural animal colours and bright dyes and patterns. The breath of animal variety is equally exciting with an array of combinations to create fresh exciting designs. We particularly love the cuff detailing on the Adele coat! To make an entrance in screen starlet classic style try out the Vanessa, or for subtle sophistication the Michelle combines lamb, mink and fox in a timeless cut that will oose chic. For a ‘Mrs Christmas’ vibe you won’t go far wrong with the opulent Bettina, or if you like to stand out from the crowd try the Lara with its playful pop of orange in the collar.


There is something that is just a little bit decadent about Christmas. It is the one time of year when drinking too much, eating too much and spending too much are practically encouraged! It is a time of year when indulging those ever so slightly naughty pleasures isn’t considered to be all that bad and as such it is the ideal time to splash out on some truly splendiferous fur! Vizelle is where we recommend you go with its flawless collection of ethical contemporary designs and variety of fabulous articles. Add a little piece of silver screen glamour to your outings this Christmas. For timeless Christmas chic… just add a Vizelle!