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The Real Flower Company

The Real Flower Company
08/01/2016 Demelza Craven

‘If I had a flower for every time I thought of you then I could walk through my garden forever’ Alfred Lord Tennyson


There has long been secret messages sequestered away in the giving of flowers, the Victorians made an art of it; Canterbury Bells for gratitude, Euphorbia for persistence, lupine for imagination. We might not be so specific today but it’s unlikely that you ever give a flower or bouquet to someone without wishing to convey a sentiment. If so you have doubtlessly faced the perils of flower shopping. Alas the contemporary reality of this is no longer as romantic as frolicking through the wild flowers, nowadays it tends to be an assault on the senses in the form of a constant disappointing dullness. Most modern flowers have been cultivated within an inch of their life, they may often look perfect, but here is where the positives end. Call us old fashioned but here at Ad Astra Lifestyle Magazine we like to put our noses to a rose and actually smell something! With Christmas behind us, the New Year here, and spring upon the horizon, we want nothing more than to fill our homes with the scent of freshly cut flowers, and there really is only one place to go…


Introducing… The Real Flower Company!! The Real Flower Company’s mission is this: to bring natural, scented, fresh garden roses, perfumed flowers, cut herbs and unusual foliage back to a market that had lost touch with the beauty of real flowers’. In the same way so many things that should be normal have become luxury (i.e. free range meat and organic fruit/veg) The Real Flower Company have become a luxury purveyor of botanicals simply by treating flowers like flowers. Their way of cultivation is a simple but natural one, they use drip irrigation to avoid soil erosion and waste, they use minimal tillage to improve and maintain good structure, fertility and worm populations and they never spray their roses when they are in flower to protect fragile the eco system of bees and insects. The result? They are Britain’s Premier Grower of Scented Garden Roses!

But it’s not just about the roses, a range of scented sweet peas, wild flowers and herbs all bejewel the Hampshire and West Sussex landscape, you can just imagine the aroma that swathes them as the sun beats down on a heady summers evening. Scent is often an undervalued sense, but just as the Victorians used flowers to speak a language all of their own, surely there is no greater message than the sweetness implied in the scent of a bloom? With a glorious range of bouquets from wedding collections to hatboxes of garden flora, The Real Flower Company has everything set to fill the homes of your loved ones with all the welcoming aroma of an old English cottage garden.


It is a belief held by many that one shouldn’t splash out on funeral flowers… instead we should lavish the delights of a full bloom upon people when they’re still alive to enjoy them! The Real Flower Company create flowers for exactly that reason… pure enjoyment! When Ralph Waldo Emerson said ‘earth laughs in flowers’ we can only imagine that he had received a bouquet from The Real Flower Company and so should you! So whether you’re just splashing out for yourself or saying something special to someone in petals make sure that you make your bouquet one from The Real Flower Company.


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