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Ten Reasons to Own a Luxe Spa

Ten Reasons to Own a Luxe Spa
27/01/2016 Demelza Craven

Wallowing… there is nothing quite like it. It is that moment when you strip away your layers and with them the worries of the world. That moment when you leave the chill of the outside and surrender to the warmth. That moment when you finally admit that there is one thing for it and buy a Luxe Spa! Luxe Spa Hot Tubs are an Edinburgh based luxury Jacuzzi company and Ad Astra Lifestyle Magazine can think of no better way to blow away the winter blues than to crack out the bubbles (both kinds!) and yield to the balmy embrace of your very own spa experience. Think it might be an indulgence too far? We’ve come up with ten top reasons why you should invest in a Luxe Spa Hot Tub


1. Awesome Assets: Believe it or not a hot tub in the garden can add value to your property if you should choose to sell. Whether you choose to leave it behind (lucky them- and lucky you as that’s just upped your house price) or you choose to take it (congratulations just the presence of one in your garden convinced your buyers that your home is the oasis that they crave) the hot tub packs a house-selling punch making it a genuine investment.

2. Feeling Composed: It’s not just the warmth of your hot tub that contributes to a feeling of utter calm, it is also the sound! The resonance of flowing water has a subconscious soothing effect, meaning that you can just listen the cares of the day away.

3. Like a Log: Ever find yourself tossing and turning in your sleep? Well not anymore! One of the many unexpected health benefits of hot tub ownership is that it offers a slumber inducing soak. The temperature of your body is raised and increases your ability to fall asleep, meaning your better rested in and out of the hot tub.

4. Get Physical: Get the blood flowing and aid your joints and muscles to reach their optimum capacity. Great for body conditioning, warming up and warming down. Some reports have even suggested that regular hot tub usage aids weight loss.

5. Garden of Eden: Take a moment to truly appreciate the beauty all around you! We are often so busy that we forget how dazzling the stars are, how yellow the daffodils can be, how refreshing the rain can feel. It’s time to drink in the atmosphere.

6. The Heart and Soul: Hey now! You didn’t think we’d forgotten about the soirée potential did you? Whether you’re jumping in or just dancing around it, a Luxe Spa Hot Tub provides the ultimate party centre piece.

7. Techno Avoidance: Nobody (not even Gary from accounts) expects you to be checking your emails in the hot tub! It offers an instant escape route from the daily grind and means that you always have a legitimate excuse for being away from the phone (for an hour or two anyway!)

8. Ommm: A Luxe Spa is a portal to meditative bliss! Whether you like to listen to guided meditation, choose to execute (suitable) yoga poses in its steamy caresses or just cross your legs and feel for the vibrations of the universe there is no area more becoming to a feeling of spiritual serenity than a Luxe Spa.

9. Brownie Points Galore: The ultimate present for your other half that just keeps on giving. There are no end of fabulous couple date nights that could be provided by a Luxe Spa… watch a movie together, go star gazing, have a heart to heart, start a book group… nothing will rekindle the flame quicker than a Luxe Spa!

10. Because you’re worth it: Quite simply… why not? Life is short and you only live once so why not indulge yourself and the people you love?


Perhaps the greatest aspect of Luxe Spa ownership is that it a present for everyone. A present for your partner, a present for your friends and most importantly a present for yourself. All the benefits of your very own back garden spa without any need to book in advance or limit on how long you can stay. So lay back, relax and let your cares slip away as quickly as the bubbles appear.