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The French Bedroom Company

The French Bedroom Company
16/07/2015 Demelza Craven
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The French Bedroom Company

‘There is nothing new except that which has been forgotten’ these were the words of Marie Antoinette -the muse of The French Bedroom Company. And perhaps it would be hard to find words that better describe their ethos. 
The French Bedroom Company deals in that eponymous ‘shabby chic’ interior. A look that pulls on the heart strings of the desperate romantic in all of us. Despite creating modern furniture their look is positively tied to the seventeen hundreds, with beds inspired by those in the Palace of Versailles. The air of nostalgia is so sweet you can almost smell the Parisian roses. Yet the tone remains fresh and somehow contemporary. The target of their cupids bow? Your bedroom! For where else would the relaxed ‘shabby’ be most suited to dance in the arms of mood setting ‘chic’? So, make yourself comfortable, recline on your gilded chaise lounge, read beneath the twinkling lights of your chandelier… and if you don’t have them? You’ll exactly where to drive your carriage.


There is only one place to begin when designing a boudoir… and that, is the bed! The tendrils of The French Bedroom Company extend to all aspects of the bedroom, but it is the bed that is their flower. Most, are sustainably sourced mahogany. Both hand carved and hand painted. Despite the grandeur of their design they are ‘self-assembly’ pieces (a luxury when it comes to taking them up that narrow staircase!) Although of course their ‘white glove’ service is available to have the bed assembled in your home. From oak to mahogany, rattan to gilt The French Bedroom Company has something for everyone, from the Normandy milk maid to the Austrian queen. And with size options well exceeding ‘king’ all the way to ‘emperor’ there is room enough for the ego of a sun god.

The thing that allows The French Bedroom Company to be so immersed in antiquated design is that it pairs this regency luxe with mischievous contemporary twists. These frolicsome additions don’t just rejuvenate the old fashioned designs but also make them a talking point. Take the Jeeves Pendant Light for instance, this greatly popular lamp is a classic bowler hat hanging from your ceiling. It adds a touch of surrealism to a room whilst emitting that English eccentricity with which it is so associated. Equally, the company has a range of eyebrow raising wall art. A choice of Vermeer’s The Girl with the Pearl Earring blowing bubble gum or a defaced duchess. These subversions still carry the air of sophistication we affiliate them with, but now they provoke a conversation or turn a bemused head. If there is one thing that The French Bedroom Company knows how to do it is how to bestow a room with personality.


The French Bedroom Company understands the atmosphere that you want to create. Ambiance is everything! It is not hard to imagine the way it might feel to sink into the soft leather of their chesterfield or to run your fingers through their reindeer skin rug. Light simply always looks better when shone through the crystals of a chandelier! And what better way to dazzle your friends and family than to entertain them from within the confines of your own personal Versailles? Their products are tactile and beautiful. Sumptuous but aesthetic. Your friends will never want to go home, and you won’t be able to believe that home, is this!

There is an unescapable association with all things French. We think of words such as ‘chic’ and ‘poise’. The elegance of The French Bedroom Company comes from these associations, with the grandeur of its designs being endowed with that characteristic distressed appearance. What might otherwise be intimidating seems instead effortless. Dressing tables, chaise longues, armoires, French linen, Icelandic sheep skins, dressing screens, full length mirrors… The French Bedroom Company will turn your bedroom into a boudoir! So, lie back against your Napoleonic headboard, pull your crisp fresh linen to your chin and ‘let them eat cake’!