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Where the Magic (Wallpaper) Happens!

Where the Magic (Wallpaper) Happens!
15/01/2016 Demelza Craven

It is a match made in heaven… She is a designer, entrepreneur, author and educator. He is a magic man with a penchant for illusion. Together they’ve given birth to a love child that won’t just revolutionise the space in your home but will also transform your living area into a masterpiece in its own right. We are talking, of course, about the collaboration on everybody’s lips… Kelly Hoppen and Dynamo’s interior alliance in a contemporary take on a vintage classic… wallpaper!


The revolution is here! And like all good revolutions it has a cause. Both household names thanks to Hoppen’s starring role on Dragon’s Den and Dynamo’s hit magic show Magician Impossible, they’re partnership is fuelled by their shared ambassador roles with The Prince’s Trust. Passionate about inspiring future entrepreneurs and creatives, much of the proceeds will go to this charity, meaning it’s not just good design you’re buying but good karma as well!

There are two designs available from this hot new duo. The first is the staggering 3 dimensional effect protruding pillar piece, fittingly titled ‘Enigma’. The other is a jaw dropping design that suggests a wall of stone with fierce jutting edges, named ‘Paradox’. Using the newest printing technology the twosome have been able to create patterns and shapes usually unavailable on the market. With the knowhow of creating depth and angles in never-seen-before designs, the new look for 2016 is set to be this one: Magic wallpaper!


In keeping with their luxurious new designs and celebrity collaboration background this exciting new enterprise can be discovered in the hallowed halls of Graham & Brown. So turn your living room into an enigma and have guests gasp at your bathroom paradox. With its chic monochrome vibe, these are bang- up- to- date looks for bang- up- to- date –people! Whether you are a minimalist seeking an uplifting feature or prefer a quirky off-the-wall look, Kelly Hoppen and Dynamo have the effect you’re looking for.