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Do it like Downton with… The Organisers

Do it like Downton with… The Organisers
16/12/2015 Demelza Craven

There is so much going on this Christmas… you have the family arriving in less than a few days, you’ve still only half dressed the tree, the organic turkey is ordered so you mustn’t forget to collect that, then there are still half the family’s presents to buy, oh and you haven’t RSVP-ed the neighbours boxing day drinkies invite (you don’t want to go but you sort of have to after that awful lawn mower incident!) then there is the nutcracker performance that your looking forward too, but it will mean that you’ll only have an hour to get ready before the family arrives –and they’ll be hungry when they do and then there are still so many Christmas cards to write and… STOP! You cannot do it all… sometimes the festive season gets on top of us, instead of enjoying what should be a jolly fun time we fixate over all of the little details that we feel we have to get right. Well this year why not delegate those little details to someone who’s happy to help, letting you get on with the important bit… having fun!


Introducing… The Organisers– A highly efficient team of personal assistants who have been providing solutions to corporate and domestic challenges since 1998. The Organisers do exactly what their title suggests, offering a bespoke and personal service tailored to your specific needs be they family, personal or business. Offering an unparalleled 24 hours, 365 days a year service they will tailor a package exclusively for you, allowing a sigh of relief to be heard throughout the holiday season.

On their website there is an entire page entitled ‘Peace of Mind’ because that is essentially what they are selling. This the opportunity for you to have the weight taken off of your shoulders, and they do it in the most personal way possible. While other services will send different people over to your house, at The Organisers they offer a face to face consultation to ascertain exactly which service is correct for you.

When it comes to household staff The Organisers are one of the UKs best! They have an enormous database of handpicked prospects all outstanding in their field of expertise. One client from London told us Sifting through CVs and conducting interviews for domestic staff is a headache that I never wish to repeat. The Organisers managed the entire process … They are like my fairy Godmothers!and its not just a housekeeper that could be helping you out this Christmas eve, there is an entire catalogue of Personal Assistants, Nannies, House Managers, Butlers, Chefs, Chauffeurs, Tutors and even Wardrobe Managers any one of which could be offering you the bespoke discreet service that you long for every year.

Few things could be more festive than lending your home the ‘Downton Abbey vibe’ with the odd member of staff here and there to help move along the festivities smoothly. Offering the most discreet and personal services investing in The Organisers is in many ways nothing to do with hired help at all. Instead it is an investment into a calm Christmas, an investment in spending time with your family and an investment into your peace of mind. So make an extra friend or two this Christmas and put yourself in the very capable hands of The Organisers, you’ll soon find that there is reason Father Christmas surrounds himself with so many elves, and you’ll find that you’ve never enjoyed a Christmas quite as much!