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Bijoux Medi-Spa

Bijoux Medi-Spa
20/01/2016 Demelza Craven

Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty’. The words of Coco Chanel ring true for many of us. Years of drinking, smoking and lying out in the sun have taken their toll and now you dream of turning back the clock and ironing out the creases. Ad Astra Lifestyle Magazine insists that you look no further than London’s very own Bijoux Medi-Spa, the top-to-toe and face to body specialists with a wealth of invasive and non-invasive procedures to get you looking your very best! We take a look at some of their most intriguing treatments…


Semi Permanent Make -Up:

Faye Parker is Bijoux Medi-Spa’s resident laser specialist and arguably has the most exciting job of the lot. One of her most interesting treatments involves tattooing makeup onto the body using medical grade equipment and FDA approved medical grade inks based on iron pigments. Almost anywhere can be targeted using this treatment,  from lips, eyelids, even nipples in the case of breast reconstruction. Bijoux Medi-Spa also offers FREE eyebrow semi-permanent makeup procedures to those who have lost their eyebrows through chemotherapy. They are one of the few establishments to offer such a procedure through goodwill alone and one of the many reasons Ad Astra Lifestyle Magazine rates them so highly.

Dracula Therapy:

Yes you guessed it… if you’re squeamish look away now!! The Dracula Therapy at Bijoux Medi-Spa has the ability to reduce the effects of age on the skin, muscles and even bone. The procedure involves taking ‘your own blood, separating out the platelets (rich in growth factors), activating them and then injecting it back into the face.’ The procedure can be used in many ways and for many reasons but scars respond particularly well no matter how old. ‘Plasma can be administered with fillers during the same treatment in order to achieve instant volume and rejuvenation. Plasma aids healing from fractional resurfacing, Dermaroller and other invasive methods of rejuvenation. Wherever you need healing, think plasma.’

Thai Massage:

In Thailand, massage is a key skill practised in hospitals to heal a variety of ailments. That’s why The Bijoux Medi-Spa offers a full Thai body massage. Their in-house practitioner is Jit who learned the skill in her native Thailand. She focuses on ‘diseases of affluence; stress, overeating and a sedentary lifestyle which impinge on our minds and show on the body as pain, headaches, tension, premature ageing.’ Using a variety of aromatherapy oils, foot pressure, acupressure and muscle releasing techniques, she will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the world anew!

The Bijoux Medi-Spa is one of London’s best kept secrets. Tucked away in the beauty of Belgravia it is a home from home. The majority of the treatments are gender neutral so whatever your look, age or income there is something for everyone. From hair removal to hair growth, from broken veins to cellulite, from wrinkles to acne, The Bijoux Medi-Spa understands and is all set to give you the look of your dreams.